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Want to get in our wheel house? We're always interested in local talent. Here's what we're currently looking for:

Saltwater is looking for an Account Supervisor to join our Portsmouth, NH office and lead multiple client relationships.



Saltwater Creative LLC is a full-service, creative advertising agency based in Portsmouth, NH. Wait… while that’s true, it doesn’t necessarily paint the true picture of who we are. Try this: Saltwater is a place where hard-working, fun-loving people who are inspired by each other and motivated by greatness go to create awesomeness. There. Much better!

Fun as we’re prone to be, there’s a method to our happy madness and it goes something like this: We’re a data-driven agency, and as such we conduct research to inform our strategic planning and then execute creative and technology initiatives of all types based on those plans. Put another way, we study hard so that we aren’t just freestyling pretty pictures and catchy headlines that don’t have real meaning.



So about that job… We ask a lot of our Account Supervisors at Saltwater. You have to be detail-oriented and the more skills you have, the better you’ll be for your team. You should have a strong read on today’s marketing environment, and be able to speak eloquently about it. We want someone who thinks proactively and can apply that brain power to our clients’ challenges.

The right candidate at Saltwater is two-parts Client Relationship Manager and one-part Project Manager. The Account Supervisor has to manage the client’s expectations while being fully accountable for keeping the internal teams focused on delivering on those expectations within established timelines and budgets.

Wait, there’s more! You must be comfortable leading research projects, managing television shoots while launching a new brand, delivering a website and preparing for the next RFP presentation…if at this point you aren’t afraid and this sounds like fun, you might be the person for the job.

A little more on responsibilities…

  • Earn and maintain a high level of confidence with clients and stakeholders
  • Communicate proactively with clients to keep them informed
  • Root passionately for Boston sports teams (Not truly a requirement, but it will make your life much easier)
  • Demonstrate a full understanding of all account-related administrative tasks (billing, time tracking, payables, etc.)
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Be able to conduct research and develop objective-oriented strategic and tactical marketing plans
  • Delegate key responsibilities in order to manage accounts more efficiently
  • Meet routinely with finance to reconcile client billings and prepare client invoices, understanding how each account functions on a month-to-month basis.
  • Demonstrate fiscal responsibility when managing accounts.
  • Work closely with internal teams to ensure all processes and procedures are complete, quality standards are met, and that projects are profitable.

Experience & Requirements


  • 5- 7 years in an agency or professional marketing services environment
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Detail-oriented while still seeing the bigger picture
  • Driven and self-motivated
  • Must be highly organized with the ability to help keep clients organized
  • Ability to prioritize and work well under pressure and tight timelines


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