Salty Snippet

Our team members, most of whom will eat pretty much anything deemed consumable by the FDA (but really...what do they know?), ingests arguably the world's largest one-time intake of Mercury when we lunch it at Shio.


Two guys with complementary skill sets. And Tom Brady.

Right around the time Tom Brady began his run as quarterback of the New England Patriots, Mike Carella and Chris Griffin began collaborating on some projects. At the time, Carella was Vice President of the Carella Company, a traditional marketing and advertising agency, and Griffin was owner of GriffinEye Design & Development, a technology based marketing company he started after a successful tenure as a Creative Director and CTO at other agencies we aren't promoting in this space.

Their skill sets, much like their personalities, complemented each other. They developed a shared vision for a creative agency that offered everything under one roof. Four Super Bowl victories later, Saltwater is alive and well-fed. Isn't that how the saying goes?



Let's Get Our Hands Dirty

Whether we’re doing creative, technology, strategy or media work for you, we embrace the opportunity. But when we work for you, we don’t want to hide in an underground office bunker, shut out the world and come out when the work is done. Imagine the pizza delivery bill?! No, we want to collaborate with you, and involve you in our creative process as much – or as little – as you like. You’re going to dig the way we work, and more importantly, you’re going to dig the work we produce for you.



Our objective is to establish long-term, engaged relationships with our clients. By tapping into our expertise in strategy, creative, technology, media and data, we want to connect you with your target audience. More importantly, we want to help your company and your brand evolve over time as your business and your audience change, keeping you relevant in your industry – and in the eyes of your customers. Best part is, we'll all have fun doing it.



  • We desire vibrant growth, with a roster of long-term, mutually satisfying client relationships.
  • We will remain on the bleeding edge of creative and technical capabilities.
  • We will continue to not take ourselves too seriously.
  • We will have fun working with each other and working with our clients and never lose the essence of who we are.
  • We will do our part to keep the craft beer industry healthy by sampling and supporting worthy products.

"Marketing is a perpetually evolving industry and we reside calmly in the eye of the storm."

Principal + Marketing Architect



Objective Driven & User-Centric

In humanese, that means we want to know what your audience’s media, technology and online buying preferences are, and where they all intersect. Simply put, we want to know what makes our clients tick so we can find the point where brand creative and human media behavior meet.

We come to this understanding by conducting three vital forms of research.

1. Internal research with all stakeholders

2. External research with customers

3. Market research, where we gain insights and understanding of your specific industry and current trends

By doing all this research, we uncover the knowledge we need – and unearth the gems that create effective marketing and sales tools. Yeah, that’s right, we unearth gems. Awesome.