New Business Development

Saltwater Collective is seeking a point person on all new business leads that come through our Pardot feed SalesForce system

New Business Development


The lead singer of a band. The concierge at a hotel. A teacher. Their audiences may differ, but these people set the tone for a positive experience. They make the first impression and they provide value immediately. That’s exactly what Saltwater is looking for from the New Business Lead Developer. 

You’ll be the point person on all new business leads that come through our Pardot feed SalesForce system. That’s right, we eat our own dog food when it comes to developing leads. All new leads are scored for quality and potential fit but do need to be followed up on in a timely manner and further vetted as potential clients. You need to be a responsible professional who represents Saltwater with smarts, confidence and personality. You’ll also have a keen ear for tuning into clients’ pain points and the ability to identify opportunities to help them based on those conversations. 

The good news is Saltwater is an easy sell. We’re the fastest growing advertising agency in New Hampshire, according to the Inc. 5000 this past year and we’ve got more than a decade of experience under our belts. You would be armed with a killer portfolio to showcase our work and the data to back up our performance. You would be surrounded by experts from each agency department for all new business pitches.

You'll be responsible for ownership and delivery of client Statements of Work (SOW’s). These are co-authored documents, however, based on the clients needs. As such, you will be required to coordinate with other team members to accurately define the project, work solution as well as estimate the cost and provide the proposed timeline for execution.

Job Duties

  • Managing a funnel of new business leads within SalesForce / Pardot
  • Vet all new business opportunities for not only budget size but for cultural and chemistry alignment between our organizations
  • Run capabilities presentation and new business pitches both in person and virtually
  • Leverage the Saltwater team to best represent the agency at new business pitches
  • Synthesize customer and business insights into onboarding plans that set us up for success
  • The ability to guide a new business process over a long timeline if necessary
  • Provide a bi-weekly update on the status of all new business leads

Job Requirements

  • Previous Advertising Agency experience
  • A deep understanding of digital platforms, tools, technologies, and trends, and a passion for innovation on all fronts
  • Knowledge marketing/advertising/digital
  • Strong analytical skills and working knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Excellent presentation skills are required
  • Experience with Salesforce & Pardot is a plus