Safe Video Production in the COVID Era

H. Thomas Adjemian

As our communities and states work to safely reopen, at Saltwater, we too have been working on strategies to resume physical production in our new environment with an increased emphasis on minimizing risk to our cast, crews, and clients.

Here are just a few of the safety measures you can expect to see on your next Saltwater set:

Remote Meetings

The world has shifted to virtual meetings; pre-production will be no different. Any in person meeting prior to our shoot will be held online. This includes things like on-camera and voiceover casting, as well as Pre-Production meetings.

Health Monitoring

In the weeks leading up to our shoot, we’ll ask all of our cast, crews, and clients to keep an eye on their health. If anyone has traveled, encountered someone with symptoms, or is experiencing symptoms themselves, we ask that you notify us immediately. Safety is paramount.

If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of coronavirus, please visit www.coronavirus.gov

Set Safety

We have two certified COVID-19 Compliance Monitors on staff. On set, the C19CO’s primary responsibility will be ensuring safe practices and procedures are followed for the duration of each shoot.

Prior to being admitted to our set, our C19CO will interview each cast member, crew person, agency, and client representative and will take a temperature check. Those who are cleared will be allowed on set, while anyone who exhibits symptoms will be asked to step aside so they may be re-tested discreetly, and either admitted to set or asked to leave to get additional medical support.

Again, safety is our highest priority. We will engage and hold alternate crew members for each primary role on our sets, giving us redundancies to protect our productions in case of illness.

In addition to posted signs highlighting our safety practices and procedures, we’ll dedicate a production assistant to making sure our set is sanitized frequently throughout the shoot day, using EPA List N disinfectants, wipes, and UV sanitizing wands.


On set, we’ll hand out the newest fashions of the day: face masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves. Our face masks will hug your face, providing reduced particulate inhalation while also allowing your “smize” to truly shine. Our hand sanitizer features at least 60% alcohol content, per recommended guidelines, and our gloves will be sure to bring your style to the next level. Remember, pain is temporary, but fashion is forever.

Physical Distancing

In an effort to adhere to physical distancing policies, we’re looking at each and every production to see if there are roles that can be performed by fewer people. This includes being mindful of the things we ask of our cast members, too.

Once on set, we’ll make sure areas aren’t crowded and there is plenty of space between everyone. For the safety of our actors, who may be unmasked during certain shots, we’ll make sure to limit the amount of people with access to the immediate areas around them.

Client Safety

Are you interested in seeing our shoot as it unfolds, but are concerned about traveling to set? Well, we’ve got the solution for you. We have streaming technology that will allow you to watch our feed, live, from the safety and comfort of your home. You won’t even need to change out of your pajamas.

Contact-Free Craft Services

On set, crafty is a beloved place. It’s also a place where cast, crew, and client congregate. Don’t worry though – we will still provide the same treats to our hard-working teams while minimizing contact. We’ll provide snack bags to our teams at the start of the day, so you’ll be able to keep food with you and minimize the need for a congregation point. Boxed meals will be prioritized over traditional group served options.

As we learn more from the NIH, CDC, and from cast members, crews, clients, families, and friends, we will continue to update these policies and procedures. Our aim is to ensure our productions continue to deliver the same high quality creative, with an increased focus on health and safety.


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