Saltwater earns Emmy® nomination for “Bank of the Wild”

Mike Sullivan

VP + Director of Creative Services

“Emmy® nominated.”
It’s a phrase that has a nice ring to it, and we’re psyched to say it now applies to Saltwater.

At the risk of seeming self-congratulatory, yes, we were nominated for “Best Commercial” at the 46th Annual Emmy® Awards by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Boston/New England chapter. That commercial was the initial Bank of the Wild TV spot we did for our amazing client, Passumpsic Bank. We can take some credit, sure, but a majority of the credit should go to Passumpsic Bank President & CEO Jim Kisch and his team. Passumpsic Bank is different. They wanted advertising that is different. And they allowed our people to “create different.”

The results have been truly rewarding. Along with the Emmy® Nomination, Bank of the Wild has been honored with a few other awards:

There’s a significant team collaboration that happens behind the scenes at an agency like ours. Media, PPC, Production, Development, SEO, Design, Copy, and of course, Motion & Sound, all played integral roles in the success of this commercial and accompanying campaign. It’s a win for us all, as well as for Passumpsic Bank.

For us, more than anything, Bank of the Wild is a continuation of some innovative brand work that started five years ago, and the beginning of what is sure to be a long, strange trip through the wild. And we’re just getting started. Note we mentioned this was the “initial” Bank of the Wild commercial. We’ll be on set shooting the next chapter in the coming days. Can’t wait to share.

Check out our Emmy nominated Bank of the Wild commercial below.


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