Be Heard: How To Make Effective Social Media Content

Saltwater Collective

It seems like social media platforms are the only channel consumers are paying attention to. Ever feel like posting into the void and no one is there to hear you?

Too often, brands use advertising assets to fill their social media feeds and then wonder why they aren’t seeing the results they were expecting from their social marketing efforts. Well, this is because brands using advertising assets in place of social media content are using a square peg to fill a round hole.

The reason that social content and advertising need to be different is the difference in their application. Advertising content is designed to get across a single message, be seen multiple times, and drive towards a specific action. Sounds like a lot of the boring social media accounts you unfollow, right?

Social content, in contrast, needs to convey a range of messages and brand characteristics, be entertaining and inspiring but not necessarily requiring action, and crucially, must always be new and fresh. So, not only would advertising content be counterproductive when used as social content, but it would be prohibitively expensive to produce considering most social media strategies call for 4 or 5 or more posts each week. But no one reading this has tried that, have they?

So, now that we have established the practical difference between social media content and advertising content, and therefore understand that good social media content cannot be defined by the same criteria as good advertising content, let’s look at what makes good social content.

1. Entertaining
2. Aspirational
3. Actionable
4. Joinable
5. Pay Off

For more specifics on each of these criteria, read our blog post 5 Characteristics of Good Social Media Content.

With those attributes in mind, let’s take a look at a few different types of brands and why their social media marketing is so effective.

A Service App: Hipcamp

Hipcamp is an app that provides a directory of private and public campgrounds available to book around the country. You can find their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts at these links.

A Consumer Products Brand: Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe is an Alabama-based clothing company for outdoor enthusiasts. You can find their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts at these links. 

A Hospitality Brand: The Fife Arms

The Fife Arms is a 46-room hotel in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park. You can see their Facebook and Instagram accounts at these links.

What do you think makes for great social media content? And who do you think is doing it best? Tell us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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