Saltwater Creative

We are a creative company.

Fun fosters innovation. Pinky swear.

Officially, we’re a full-service integrated creative agency that works with clients from a variety of industries to strategize and execute creative and technology initiatives. We’re really not official types, though.

Unofficially, we’re a team of energetic, creative humans who dig coming to work each day and pretending we aren’t really working by doing innovative, fun projects for our clients.

About Saltwater

Creativity leads to progress.

Bottled brain power. Drink it in.

Every client is different. We take pride in calculating the right mix for your success and apply our brain power to create a marketing mix that will achieve your desired objectives. And just so you know, we’re working on trying to bottle our brain power – it’s made with bits of real marketing genius so you know it’s good.

The Work

We're in the storytelling business.

Whiteboards: Where ideas are born.

We’re always looking at a project and trying to figure out how we can do it better. We take pride in doing innovative work, but we don’t just rest on our laurels. Simply stated, we aren’t lazy, rather, we’re hardworking. We’ll remind you why you love your business and why doing innovative, creative marketing is exciting.

The Salties