Crafting a Website for a Growing Company


Brand Identity, Web Design, Development, e-Commerce


In 1999, Jewett Farms + Co started with a sole craftsman whose goal was to build the kind of cabinetry that would last a lifetime. He never dreamed that in twenty years they would have grown to include dozens of craftsmen, a sales team, multiple showrooms and their own 27,000 square foot woodworking building.


With those years of expansion came more handcrafted home products and an outdated website that did not reflect this growth and the company’s new offerings. The goal was to create a beautiful website that matched the caliber of their workmanship. But the challenge was obvious: identify the core pillars of the Jewett Farms brand and structure the site in a way that made those aspects prominent, accessible, and easy to take action on.



In order to build a website that reflected what Jewett Farms is today, we needed to start on the inside and really see the operation upfront. We toured their state-of-the-art production facilities. We conducted interviews with the individuals in charge of design, production and sales. We presented our findings back to them and had some in- depth conversations about where the brand is and where they wanted it to be, working through some misalignment that had surfaced during the interviews. From there, we were able to design a website ready for the brand’s future.







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