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Timberland is a global retail chain offering stylish, rugged apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women and children.


Timberland operates in a space where the competition is pushing new product and innovation at a feverish pace. They don't try to keep up, though; they set the pace. With that in mind, we have been tasked with a variety of work that allowed us to flex our creative muscle. Included is helping Timberland to refresh the look and feel of their brand messaging, putting our creative spin on their story while staying aligned with their established identity. Highlighting the unique aspects of their brand, as well as the products they produce, is as much an exercise in creative thinking as it is in maintaining consistency of a legendary brand.

Our most recent challenge was working on the Timberland Packable Jacket. Jackets marketed as lightweight and packable can be perceived as flimsy and lacking durability. Timberland turned the tables on these perceptions by using Cordura woven fibers and Timberland craftsmanship to create a lightweight, strong and packable jacket that’s stylish and versatile.

The competitive space of packable jackets poses a challenge for Timberland. Brands that have a packable jacket will showcase the item merely packing into itself. Timberland challenged us to think outside the box and present a visually appealing piece that focuses on the lightness and strength of the jacket while also speaking to the packability of it. And yes, packability is a fun word.


We developed animated video content that showcases and demonstrates the Timberland Packable Jacket in a fun, visually interesting way. The goal of this project was to highlight the durability of the jacket, as well as promote how lightweight it is. We delivered a :15-sec and a :06-sec animation to be used on Instagram and Facebook.

Presenting the jacket as the hero will allow us to show the personality of the jacket while displaying the key features the client has highlighted; weight, durability, and portability.

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