Northeast Delta Dental created a patient-centered oral health program called HOW -- Health through Oral Wellness. HOW is designed to promote good oral and overall health for all Northeast Delta Dental members. Saltwater was tasked with bringing this new brand to life and has done various video projects for the Northeast Delta Dental brand as well

Branding & Identity


The HOW logo was refined to have a more sophisticated look along with giving it a more diverse array of usages for various applications.


Fonts & Colors

The Trade Gothic font was currently in use when this project came to saltwater. We found a complimentary font called Adobe Caslon Pro that broke up the rigidity of the strong and bold Trade Gothic font.

The primary colors are soft blue tones which are paired with a bright contrasting secondary palette to accentuate the happiness associated with a healthy life.



The HOW brand has a Life Stages of Oral Wellness concept to help speak to each level of the target audience. This character icon set was created to represent each stage. Secondary icons were created to be used on the web and in animated videos.


Brand & Identity Guidelines

A brand & Identity guidelines book is created to enforce consistency across all mediums. This includes rules for using identity elements along with providing a framework for creating additional assets in the future.




Responsive Sizes

The site uses responsive technology so users have a great experience even when using a mobile phone.



HOW Animated Video

This video was created to promote the HOW brand on the web. It is showcased on the website homepage. The idea behind the video is to present the information and message behind it in an easy to understand and entertaining manner.

Delta Dental - Individuals & Family

Dental insurance can be a complex and involved thing for people to understand. This video, part of the "Better Benefits" animated series, was created to help people understand the "ins and outs" of dental benefits in a fun and real way.

Delta Dental - Small Business Video

This video, as is the case for the entire "Better Benefits" animated series, was created with the idea of making dental insurance more fun - seriously. By giving what can be perceived as a dry subject matter a little more personality, we take a difficult subject and make it easy.

More Work