Marketing Automation is Not Just for Prospects

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Go take a quick inventory of the content you have for your current customers.

I’m guessing you’ll find contracts, purchase orders, technical diagrams, warranties, customer support sites, etc. For starters, this content probably doesn’t look or sound anything like what you've produced for prospective customers. Secondly, contracts and technical support documents don’t engage your current customers in a meaningful way.

Marketing automation is an amazing tool used for nurturing your contacts through each step of the marketing funnel. This includes the customer stage. After all, who can best advocate your products to future customers; you or your current users? Hint: it’s the latter of the two.

Before making that decision to buy, your customers were provided with highly targeted and polished content. As a prospect, they were wined and dined - flowers, candlelight dinners, and walks on the beach. Often times, after they become a customer, the wining and dining stops. The flowers are wilted, the candlelight dinner is now a Hungry Man in front of the TV, and the walk on the beach is now during low tide and it smells like fish.

When developing a marketing automation strategy, it’s crucial to continue nurturing your current customers because they are your best advocates. Your customers are not done engaging with your brand after they’ve purchased your services (think Apple). A strategy built to nurture relationships with your current customers has many benefits, including:

  • Better informed conversations by tracking which pages of your website they’re visiting. A customer downloading a help document is a perfect opportunity to offer them additional educational content to better understand your product or offering.
  • Identifying potential brand evangelists. Through the use of lead scoring, we can gauge who’s interacting with you content the most and leverage these customers for testimonials, case studies, etc.
  • Cross-sell and upsell. Again, lead scoring based on customer behavior allows you to see which customers are primed for a potential upsell or cross-sell. Maybe you offer a portfolio of products and notice a certain customer using one of your offerings has downloaded an infographic, attended a webinar, and downloaded a white paper for another product or service. This current customer has just become a hot lead you can send to sales once more.

In many ways, your current customers are more valuable to your business than the prospective ones. Make sure your customer-facing content is as polished as your prospective customer collateral. At the end of the day, if your current customers don't feel the same love your prospective customers feel, good luck trying to win them back when they become a prospect again.